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Top shelf products
without all the overhead.

The same products you love, for less.

Large dental supply companies have been ripping off practices like yours (read about the recent $80-million-dollar class action lawsuit). Supply Pattern was created for dentists, by dentists, to make sure you get the best possible price on your dental supplies.

We saved $40,000

“I always knew there were better and cheaper ways to get supplies and products…Supply Pattern does all the behind-the-scenes footwork for me. It seems small, but it adds up. Our supply cost went from 6% down to 4%.”

– Dr. Jim Craig, Summerbrook Dental Group

2×2 Gauze


Supply Pattern

Filtek Bulk Fill Capsules


Supply Pattern

RelyX Luting Cement


Supply Pattern

We’ve saved dentists $635,078 on supplies.

You feel like you’re spending a fortune on supplies, and knowing what your supplies really cost can be confusing. With Supply Pattern, you can run the most profitable practice, compete with corporate practices, and increase your income, without adding a single patient.


Choose the products you want

Search our collection of high-quality dental products and find the items you regularly use.


Get the best price, every time

Supply Pattern sources your products from 200+ suppliers, making sure you always get the best possible price for your orders. Shipping included!


See how much you’ve saved

Purchasing supplies through Supply Pattern regularly saves practices $2,000 to $2,500 per month on average – that’s $24,000 to $30,000 a year! Your dashboard provides insights including order history, savings reports, and more.  

Customer care team

We are here for you 9-5, M-F. We'll help you find products, make overnight shipments, and return items.

Save 20–40% on supplies

You could save over $10,000 per year on your dental supplies.

Predictive Ordering

The system can use your order history to predict future supply needs.

One-stop shopping

Order any dental product through us and get one bill charged to your card. Tracking numbers provided for all items.

Always-transparent pricing

Our prices include shipping, overhead costs, etc.

Easy, no-hassle dashboard

Insights, order history, savings reports, and more!

Simply get the supplies you need.

Some dentists like the old model of a dental rep disrupting their office and buying their team donuts and telling everyone about the cruises they are going on, that the doctor can’t afford to do, while vastly overpaying for their supplies. At Supply Pattern, we know that most doctors just want the best price on quality supplies without the disruption.

Start saving now!


Listen to Dr. Tyler Williams, host of The Practice X-Factor, interview Supply Pattern CEO Dr. Jason Campbell regarding how practice owners can save on dental supplies and how to make ordering easier for team members.


Let us know what supplies you need, and using our advanced technology, we’ll find you the best item for the lowest price.

Absolutely. The Supply Pattern system is designed to find what you need at the best price. We suggest purchasing alternate brands that are clinically proven to match or exceed your current preference, but we don’t force you to change.

In short, no. Buying groups work out specific deals with their vendors. At Supply Pattern, we find the product you are looking for at the lowest prices across all the vendors, distributors, manufacturers, etc. We also have tools to help us provide alternate options.

Nope. Supply Pattern does not house any products nor do we sell or provide Supply Pattern branded products. Our custom built technology searches and locates the best priced options for you. In addition, we provide tools to help you identify alternate options for supplies that can be 60-70% less expensive!
Supply Pattern is providing technology tools to help reduce the costs of ordering supplies, but we don’t limit you to using specific vendors. We create true competition in the market by utilizing all the vendors, distributors, and manufacturers. We have resources tailored for your office that no one else offers (e.g. powerful dashboard, purchasing analytics, alternate product info, etc).