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The same products you love, for less.

Supply Pattern was created for dentists, by dentists, to make sure you get the best possible price on your dental supplies while also putting your assistant back chairside. The average ordering assistant with Supply Pattern goes from spending hours to spending a few minutes per week.

No contracts, EVER.

At Supply Pattern, we let our concierge service do the talking. Our honest business model ensures that as long as we continue to add value to your practice, you'll be our customer. We're confident you'll want to be a customer for life even if you don't sign a piece of paper.

See what our customers are saying.


Streamline Ordering

Supply Pattern has helped me streamline my ordering protocols across multiple locations while giving me the cheapest price available. I would recommend them to any dental practice looking to become more efficient in their ordering.


Clinic Manager


They Do the Leg Work

We have been using Supply Pattern for a little while now and we absolutely love them. All I have to do is input my shopping list into the portal and they do all the leg work and find the best deal. Shaylee is extremely helpful and is always checking in to make sure we have what we need. I look forward to a long relationship together.


Dental Assistant


Highly Recommend

Supply Pattern is new to us and has already made a huge impact on savings with supplies! They have been so amazing to work with and are super fast at responding. Highly recommend to anyone!


Office Manager

We've saved dentists millions of dollars

and counting using our software!

Most offices typically shop from one major supplier using a commissioned rep to place orders. Supply Pattern shops over 400 suppliers each day, tracking over 35,000 different items. This supply chain diversification allows us to shop the best prices real-time, reducing our clients supply cost by an average of 40-65%. We don’t charge commissions, which allows for better alignment between our goals and yours.

Step One

Choose the products you want

Build your custom catalog by providing a list of the products you're already purchasing today.

Step Two

Tell us what you want and let us do the shopping

Supply Pattern sources your products from 400+ suppliers, making sure you always get the best quality and price on every item and order. Shipping included!

Step Three

See your savings with real time data

Supply Pattern's dashboard allows you to see real time data after every order. We know your supply rep wants you to focus on the price of individual items, but we know the only number that REALLY matters is the total cost of supplies compared to your production. Fully embracing our system WILL lower your cost of supplies.

Customer Success Team

We are here for you 9-5, M-F. We'll help you find products, make overnight shipments, and return items.

Save 20-40% on supplies

Depending on the size of your practice and what you're ordering now, you could save big money on your supply bill.

Predictive Ordering

The system can use your order history to predict future supply needs.​

One Stop Shopping

Order any dental product through us and get one bill charged to your card. Tracking numbers provided for all items.

Always transparent pricing

Our prices include shipping, tax and all extras so you're not given one price at checkout and another when your bill comes.

Easy no-hassle dashboard

Insights, order history, savings reports, and more!

Simply get the supplies you need.

Some dentists like the old model of a dental rep disrupting their office and buying their team donuts and telling everyone about the cruises they are going on, that the doctor can't afford to do, while vastly overpaying for their supplies. At Supply Pattern, we know that most doctors just want the best price on quality supplies without the disruption.

Get a customized view of how Supply Pattern fits with your office.

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